About TargetsViews Directory

Targetsviews is an online directory. Our objective is to offer simple and high ranking services to your website or/and articles. Amazingly, we do this for free, but for immediate services, we allow a $4.95 charged service. We deal with almost any content, some of the subjects which you might post content to include arts and culture, business and economy, shopping and service and travel and tourism to give you a snippet of what we have on offer.

Our clients are you website managers. By posting a link of your site to targetsviews, you get in the right perspective to get viewers. Website managers in most cases are online advertisers and E-commerce specialist seeking to generate and increase traffic to their sites. As targetsviews is high a ranking directory, you are assured that this is a quality and credible service for your online marketing campaign.

To use our directory is pretty simple and straight forward. First, the site is crafted in a manner to ensure that you easily get your way through on the site. We have fourteen categories on the site which indicate which content should go where, to aid in this; a short description is included to each category title.

Submission policy

To ensure integrity and maintenance of site quality, we have some policies that are meant to guide content submission.

  • We reserve the right to content listing. The act of posting content on our site is no guarantee of getting it listed
  • Any content posted and appearing on targetsviews.com is not the responsibility of the site, but that of the site owners. Any content appearing on their site is their responsibility.
  • Any link or article posted in targetsviews.com should be of high quality and integrity.
  • Any content posted on targetsviews is subject to change without any prior notice to the owner/user
  • Targetsviews does not accommodate content of an adult nature


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  • Sub Categories: 229